How would an air hammer affect human flesh?


Air hammer is one of the best inventions when it comes to the Tools category.

It is known to have reduced the strength and stamina required by humans to have a specific type of work done.

For instance, it saves a lot of time and energy by accomplishing heavy drilling and other work in a matter of minutes.

The air hammers have been used for a long time now in massive operations involving drilling, mining boreholes and in drilling natural gas wells.

They offer a significant advantage over the manual hammers, especially when it comes to drilling hard rock formations and so on.

At the same time, however, Air hammer can be considered as an impact tool. They emit a dominant frequency and display a cyclic shock, which has a high component.

So the best air hammer has an inadvertent effect on the human flesh. What could that be?

To illustrate a case in point, a survey was conducted in the limestone quarries of Indiana, USA, during 1917 when mallet and hammers were replaced with air hammers.

They experienced a sense of numbness in their fingers when they used Air hammers for an extended period.

Why is this so? Well, Air hammer has a lot of vibrations, which in turn, impacts adversely on humans.

For instance, there is the hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). However, the results are very conflicting and not very conclusive.

Animal models such as male rats have been used to study how the vibration of the air hammer affects various nerves.

Animal models have been used for this examination and how the vibration frequency can affect the peripheral vascular and sensorineural function.

The report suggests that there was a reduction in insensitivity.

Repetitive exposure to hand transmitted vibration, especially the ones generated by the air hammer are shown to cause the disorder known as hand-arm vibration syndrome.

What is this syndrome? This affects the sensitivity in the fingers and hands, a reduction in the grip strength, joint injuries, and so on.

So the answer to the question of how would an air hammer affects human flesh would be that it might cause numbness and also result in the HAVS syndrome.

Also, the air hammer produces a lot of high sounds. Studies show that when a human is exposed to prolonged or excessive noise, then it will affect the capabilities of the worker.

The worker may suffer from stress, communication problems, and fatigue, and so on.

On a more serious note, the worker may suffer from cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, and so on.

A long term effect can lead to the impairment of hearing, hypertension, etc. to name a few.

However, the point is that while some studies and reports show that air hammer affects human flesh, they are not very conclusive.

Most importantly, the advantages of using an Air hammer are more when compared to its disadvantages.

That’s not all, with technology continually improving and evolving, newer and more recent versions of the air hammer are built to reduce the impact on the human flesh.

Also, other inventions are available which try to reduce the noise effect on humans.

So overall, it can be safely said that the popularity of the Air hammer is here to stay.

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